Tests and System Quality Improvement for Military Services

The execution of detailed testing, as well as the implementation of the changes indicated, which consequently enabled programmers to improve the quality of the system.

Country: Great Britain
Year: 2008
Project scope: Tests and Quality Assurance
Team size: 1
Technologies: Functional and regressive tests
Project company name: Allocate Software


Due to high interest from customers and the intensive development of the MAPS Maritime Suite, the need to thoroughly check functionality emerged at Allocate Software. Since the company cares about having the highest quality of testing, they decided to entrust JCommerce specialists with performing a number of functional and regressive system tests.


First of all, each of the systems in question was functionally tested with the use of the black box method which is based on testing scripts elaborated and provided by the customer. Subsequently, after the bugs were fixed and the changes were implemented, the JCommerce testing team performed multiple regressive tests. In the course of these tests, newly added functionalities were verified and were checked to ensure that they did not have an adverse effect on the existing ones by chance. Each stage was completed with a detailed report on the tasks carried out.

Business benefits

Additional control
The tests performed by JCommerce employees also functioned as an additional level of control over the implementation of the changes introduced and the development of the application.

Quality improvement of the system
External JCommerce testers, not being a permanent part of the Allocate Software project team, perceived the defects in the tested systems much more objectively. Not having participated in the creation of the systems from the very beginning, they were therefore able to detect the emergent faults more accurately and precisely. The execution of detailed testing by JCommerce, as well as the implementation of the changes indicated, consequently facilitated an improvement in the quality of the MAPS Defence Suite, MAPS Health Suite and MAPS Maritime Suite systems.

Time and financial savings
Having engaged JCommerce to carry out testing, Allocate Software gained access to a carefully selected group of experts, without having to incur costs related to HR, salaries and structural change.


I would not hesitate to recommend the JCommerce testing group as solid and reliable experts in their field.

D.R. Wheeler, Group Product Director Allocate Software

About the client

Allocate Software Plc (previously Manpower Software Plc) is a dynamically developing British IT company that specializes in creating solutions for the armed forces, navy and health services. Its flagship products for these sectors are MAPS Defence Suite, MAPS Maritime Suite and MAPS Health Suite respectively. Manpower Software renders services for many significant international customers in Europe, North America and Asia, of which NATO is one.

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