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The financial and IT industry together are driving the rapid development of new and innovative financial services called FinTech. This new software development technology is constantly improving financial applications such as payment processes, banking products and cryptocurrencies. FinTech is slowly becoming an indispensable element of the insurance, trading and risk management sector.

Below are some of the technologies created by FinTech software development:


Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that maintains users’ records on a distributed network of computers. All data is secured by means of the encrypted blocks. Blockchain is a method of paying for goods and services transparently and conducting financial transactions. The main benefit of this is that it is highly resistant to hacking and security breaches. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to monitor all bitcoin transactions and follow the cryptocurrency exchange rate.


    This is the first and most popular cryptocurrency that gives its owners the possibility to pay for things electronically. Bitcoin is traded digitally, and it is decentralized in the sense that banking institutions cannot control the bitcoin network. The uniqueness of bitcoin comes from the limited number of coins and from the non-identification of its users during transactions.


      InsurTech is technology that improves the operations of the insurance industry. A decisive role is played by the expectations of insurance companies’ customers. Most of them expect personalized insurance offers at the precise moment when customers need them. However, this would not be possible without the development of dedicated software products with decision-making algorithms, databases and recompense systems.

        Open Banking

        Refers to Open APIs used by FinTech start-up developers to create mobile applications based on banking data, to help banks manage information about their customers.


          RoboTech is a type of digital platform that can be used to fulfill the role of a financial adviser, and is fully automated through the use of algorithms. The robo-advisor software collects financial data via online forms that are filled in by clients. The software can then automatically advise clients in the management of their assets and other financial decisions.

            Big Data

            Big Data is a variety of data sets, the processing of which is complicated, but the results obtained are highly valuable for planning company strategy.

              Other Technologies & Challanges

              Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Mobile and Internet Banking, Banking and Financial Regulations, Banking Law, Money Transfer, Lending, Investing, Payments, Predictive Analytics, Startups Crowdfunding, Open API, Data Security and GDPR.


                Programming languages used:

                The programming languages used to code the FinTech software is mostly Java, Python, C++, .NET, Microservices, Matlab, R, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, C, Scala, Spring, Django, Flask, Boost, STL, Angular.

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