Apple Devices Management

Deploy and Manage Apple Devices at Your Company with Jamf Pro System

Our macOS administrators will help you manage Apple devices at your company. We use the Jamf Pro system, which enables the management and integration of Apple devices (macOS, iOS, tvOS) in the business environment.

The system facilitates the remote management of devices, identities, applications and virtualization in order to create a single digital workplace.

Thanks to Jamf Pro, users can manage Apple devices regardless of the architecture which the company currently uses. The system seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Intune or Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), making all Mac and PC devices compatible.

Apple Device Management Services

JCommerce offers a full range of services for the implementation and maintenance of Apple’s infrastructure based on the Jamf Pro mobile device management (MDM) system, including:

  • an audit of the current infrastructure,
  • integration of the Jamf Pro system with the current infrastructure (LDAP, SSO, CA, Intune, Office 365),
  • the delivery of new equipment,
  • management of applications and operating system updates,
  • security configuration (CSI Benchmark),
  • up-to-date management of the Jamf Pro system and application servicing,
  • monitoring and reporting any irregularities in the environment,
  • Jamf Pro Managed Services

Certified macOS Administrators from JCommerce

JCommerce’s macOS administrators have experience in international projects, implementing Apple devices in the most demanding sectors of the economy, such as banking, insurance, multimedia and press agencies. The number of macOS devices they administer is in excess of 30,000.

Apple certification:

  • Apple Certified Support Professional

Jamf certification:

  • Jamf 200 (previously Certified Casper Technician)
  • Jamf 300 (previously Certified Casper Administrator)
  • Jamf 350 (previously Certified JSS Administrator)
  • Jamf 400 (previously Certified Casper Expert)

Full Apple Management Services

Our team of macOS Administrators have the experience to integrate and manage all the Apple devices in your business environment. 

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The Most Significant Jamf Pro Functionalities

  • Device monitoring
  • Advanced tools for monitoring devices allow administrators to define their own attributes and use them to segment their administrated environment, thanks to which it is possible to provide bespoke solutions tailored to meet the needs of users. Jamf Pro also utilizes Smart Groups, which are based on the parameters and values selected during the computer scanning process.
  • Security Jamf Pro enables the remote management of advanced security mechanisms, such as FileVault, Gatekeeper, X-protect or Time Machine, as well as the configuration of settings on all devices, thus maintaining a high level of security and resistance to cyber threats.
  • Jamf Pro API Thanks to the shared API of the Jamf Pro system, it is possible to build solutions that were not projected in the administrator’s interface, such as advanced functions for gathering information or generating reports. Jamf Pro also allows users to enter custom scripts written in Bash and Python.
  • Zero-day support Jamf provides a compatible version of its software along with every release of the new operating system, in accordance with its ‘zero-day support’ policy. This means that Apple users who use the Jamf system gain access to the latest version of the operating system, without the risk of support for a selected group of devices being put on hold.
  • Zero-touch deploymentRemote registration, configuration and direct delivery of the device to the end user in the “zero-touch” approach is made possible by the Apple Device Enrollment Program. Zero-touch deployment relieves the IT department, eliminating tasks related to issuing new equipment.
  • Device management This is made much easier by Configuration Profiles, but Jamf Pro also lets you run your own scripts, which allows you to customize the system to the specific requirements of the company. The Jamf Agent function allows users to perform operations at the operating system level, and the only limitation is the operating system framework.
  • Application management Advanced Jamf Pro mechanisms can be used to manage the distribution, configuration and updating of applications, from VPP (Volume Purchase Program) solutions, i.e. the licensing and distribution system of applications located in the macOS App Store, to the distribution of preconfigured applications.
  • Company app store Jamf Pro allows you to create a self-service internal store for the entire company, where you can have applications, configurations, books – everything a user may need to work. The store can be branded, so that it can better integrate with the company’s environment.


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