Why outsource custom software development to Poland?

Searching for a software house to implement cutting-edge technologies? Poland is the best choice!

Let us shed some light on your IT project 

Get a fresh perspective and see the difference. We are a Polish software house with 17 years of experience in custom software development. If you are struggling to find IT professionals or development teams specializing in digital product development, you have come to the right place! 

Custom software development – Poland’s got the know-how

Knowledge and years of experience? We’ve got it! According to the latest DESI report by the European Commission, the competence gap in the IT industry in Europe amounts to 600,000 jobs. Poland is an important European academic center of ICT, science and engineering. Our expertise and advantageous location make us a great supply base for Western countries struggling with an IT talent shortage.

Piotr Zyguła

In 2005, setting up a software development outsourcing company in Poland was a natural step allowing us to address digital needs and the rising demand for software houses. Nowadays, according to government organizations, the IT / ICT industry in Poland accounts for 8% of the country’s GDP. The sector creates jobs for 430,000 specialists and grows by about 6% annually. Thanks to the friendly academic and business environment as well as a client-focused approach, today Poland is home to a myriad of BPO, SCC, IT and R&D centers


Polish custom software development companies support Digital Transformation

We are a software house based in Poland that specializes in custom software development services. We provide high-quality technology services in web and mobile development and software engineering. Over the years, we have become a successful long-term technology partner, providing high-tech software solutions for a number of clients from E-commerce, FinTech, IT Consulting, Industry 4.0, BioTech and many other emerging industries.

  • Development of top-notch digital products –  our custom software development teams specialize in building solutions using Java, .NET, PHP, Python and many other programming languages.
  • Web development & web applications – JCommerce’s software developers build and implement advanced digital platforms and enterprise software based on the most popular browser engines.
  • Mobile development – we provide high-quality software services in the field of mobile app development. Our iOS and Android developers create mobile apps for global e-commerce brands and companies operating in other industries.
  • Enterprise custom software development – JCommerce is a long-term technology partner to companies developing dedicated digital products. We carry out custom product development projects for clients from the e-commerce, IT consulting, banking, medical, telecom and Industrial sectors.
  • Quality Assurance services – our QA engineers and software testers focus on delivering digital products that meet the client’s expectations and promoting the role of quality control in custom software development projects. Our QA teams achieve excellence by means of the best QA practices and testing tools.
  • IT Managed services – we are not only a software development company, but also an IT managed services provider. Using proven ITIL practices, we help to manage and maintain IT infrastructure and systems. In addition, our certified Apple administrators provide Apple device management services in the business environment.
  • Business Intelligence Services – JCommerce is ranked among the leading Business Intelligence services companies in Poland. We focus on delivering reporting and analytical solutions that allow our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.

Why did our clients decide to outsource software development to Poland?

We saw that Poland has a good market for developers (…) “There is a wide range of expertise on the Polish market. I think there is potential for growth

Jonny Johansson, Data Systems Director, Boozt

Striving to find a software house? Poland is the right choice!

This is what makes Poland stand out from other countries in Eastern Europe

  • 280 000+ developers on the market 
  • Expertise in programming in the most popular languages: Java, .NET, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Objective C, C++, Ruby 

  • 78,000 tech graduates every year
  • Polish tech universities such as Warsaw University of Technology, the University of Warsaw, and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology are highly placed in the global rankings

Polish cities – the best match for your nearshore software development projects 

Excellent infrastructure and a road network connecting the biggest Polish cities creates a great environment for setting up development centers and taking advantage of the availability of IT specialists located in various parts of the country. Office infrastructure is developing rapidly year by year, thanks to which Polish IT companies can offer cooperation based on advantageous business models (including Build-Operate-Transfer). 

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You are looking for a software house? Poland is the best choice

Reasons to entrust your project to a custom software development company from Poland:

  • 3rd place in Europe in the “Best developers” ranking (HackerRank 2021)   
  • The 5th best city to invest in 2021 in Poland is Katowice, where our HQ is based (According to ABSL). 
  • In 2021, most centres were opened first in Poland (74.3%). Poland is the office market leader in the CEE region and one of the global leaders (11.9 million sq m)
  • 7 International airports serving over 2 million passengers each year: Warsaw, Warsaw-Modlin, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, and Poznan, as well as several other local airports. 
  • 5th most attractive location in Europe for IT outsourcing
  • 100% of software developers in Poland speak English (according to the Bulldogjob report 2021)
  • By 2030, The Digital Compass proposes reaching the target of 20 million employed ICT professionals in Europe, with convergence between men and women (according to DESI report 2021)

Lower costs of an average hourly rate for a senior developer, when compared to other European countries:

  • US:  $65–$130
  • Latin America:  $35-$70
  • Eastern Europe: $30-$65

Combine the benefits of Poland as a top IT outsourcing destination, and JCommerce as one of the best Polish IT companies. Rely on tried and tested competences, not outlandish claims.

JCommerce – a top software house from Poland

JCommerce is a leader in the Clutch rankings of:

  • Top Poland Data Analytics Companies
  • Top Global Data Analytics Companies
  • Top Poland ASP.NET Programmers
  • Top Poland AngularJS Developers
  • Top Poznan IT Consulting Companies
  • Top Poznan Custom Software Developers

We are experts in the most popular programming languages – but we also speak your language.

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