news | January 21, 2021

29th WOŚP Grand Finale: beekeeping workshops with a heart!

JCommerce once again is taking part in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity fundraiser. This time round we invite you to participate in an auction of beekeeping workshops that will take place on the roof of JCommerce’s office in Katowice.

As part of the 29th Grand Finale, we have prepared beekeeping workshops “with a heart”. We are taking part in the Great Orchestra fundraiserto ensure the highest medical and therapeutic standards in children’s laryngology, otolaryngology and head diagnostics departments.

Together with Michał Pilch, our software tester, and in his private life a beekeeper from the pasieka_m3 apiary, we offer an invitation for 2 people to take part in our beekeeping workshops. The participants will choose a convenient time for the workshops, which will be held in the urban apiary on the roof of JCommerce’s office at 227 Kościuszki St, Katowice.

What’s in store for the lucky 2 people:

  • The participants will receive a tour of the apiary with Michał
  • They will learn a great deal about running an apiary, honey production and the secret life of bees
  • They will also receive a jar of delicious honey produced by our bees and an original JCommerce calendar: “2021 with JBees”

The auction runs until Friday, January 29, and all proceeds will be donated to the 29th Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale.

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Why bees? Last year, driven by Michał’s passion, we built an urban apiary on the roof of our office in in Katowice. JCommerce’s apiary is our contribution to protecting bees against the threat of mass extinction. On the pages of our 2021 calendar, we share interesting facts about the life of bees and eco-tips on how to help bees and how to stop them from becoming extinct.