news | November 23, 2018

Boozt Fashion AB is continuing cooperation with JCommerce

The Swedish owner of the online fashion store has decided to continue outsourcing cooperation and expand the PHP team.

Cooperation between Boozt and JCommerce began with the outsourcing of three PHP software developers, who have been working on functionalities for the online store. The client was satisfied with the results achieved and thus decided to continue cooperation in the team leasing model. At this moment, 13 PHP software developers from JCommerce are developing new functionalities for the and online shopping platforms, supported by the nineteen services.

The project has a few different goals, one being the creation of a solution to support the finance department in the form of an accounting application for the entire company, including subsidiary entities. Subsequent goals include the development of a portal for Boozt employees to help them manage brands and a portal for third parties to enable them to service suppliers. In addition, the team is developing a BMP project which will significantly support the marketing department in terms of advertising campaigns and building a relationship with advertisers and brands. Finally, our team is working on file management throughout the Google Cloud.

Boozt Fashion AB is a leading Swedish e-commerce fashion company. Since 2009 it has been selling clothes, shoes and accessories from over 600 Scandinavian and international brands on the online store.