news | October 20, 2015

Building an ASP.NET nearshore team for our new client from London

Next month the JCommerce ASP.NET nearshore team will start a new nearshore project based on the Scrum approach. Once again our developers met the most cutting-edge technical proficiency requirements.

JCommerce is getting back on track with the British IT market. We have managed to sign off on a long-term agreement with a medium-sized internet business, which has been operating for 10 years in the online affiliate marketing industry, specifically promoting online bookmakers based in the capital of United Kingdom – London.

Our British client’s main requirement is to update his website using the latest .NET technologies to make it more stable and flexible, as well as adding new functionalities. In a relatively short time, the JCommerce nearshore ASP.NET developers proved that they understood the project concept and would be able to work with the customer’s team using the Scrum approach.

The project is all about rewriting all the layers of the application using the following technologies: .NET, C#, MVC, AngularJS, Entity Framework, Identity 2.0, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

As for the project initial phase, our JCommerce technical nearshore team will travel to Berlin and will spend 3 days prototyping and shaping the application architecture. As a result of this brainstorm session, both teams (JCommerce and the customer) will start delivery of the project in early November 2015.

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