news | February 20, 2015

Business analysis for new Data Warehouse implementation

JCommerce is performing business analysis for a new Data Warehouse implementation in Squared Financial Services Limited, an independent, full-service broker headquartered in Dublin and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI).

Business growth and increasing complexity of processed data have posed new challenges for both internal and external reporting. To maintain its position as a leader on the financial services market, Squared Financial decided to re-engineer their Data Warehouse system. “The new data warehouse will better standardize data from various sources so that reports which are required by Squared Financial will be even more workable, flexible and easy to reach” – says Piotr Pryzmont, Head of IT.

The first stage of the project is an analysis of existing data structures, business processes and reporting needs. An analysis of results will help in the design of new data warehouse model, which will lay the foundations for the Business Intelligence system. The new data warehouse will draw the data from the existing transaction systems, almost in real time and will provide users with fast, flexible and easy access to processed and aggregated data. Analysis and design phases will continue until mid-April followed by full implementation of the proposed solution.