news | August 1, 2016

Data warehouse implementation -financial sector, Ireland

After performing the full business analysis, JCommerce has begun the data warehouse implementation project at Squared Financial Ltd.

The first stage of the project was a analysis of the existing data structures, business processes and reporting needs. Therefore, the new data warehouse has been built. As a result this laid the foundations for the Business Intelligence class system. It was fed with data from one transactional platform.

As part of the implementation work carried out, specialists from JCommerce have designed and implemented the relevant mapping tables and ETL processes.

Currently, the implementation of the first reports and analyses is carried out. An increase of the number of production systems from which the source data will be loaded to the data warehouse has been already planned in the next stages of the project.

Ultimately, the Data Warehouse will retrieve data from the remaining transactional platforms. As a result this will give users fast, flexible and easy access to consolidated information.

The implementation process will continue until December 2016.