news | November 12, 2015

Hybris software center of competencies at JCommerce

As of the beginning of October 2015, the JCommerce team commenced development of a dedicated software center of competencies in hybris software (SAP) for our existing client in Finland.

Hybris commerce software helps integrate all digital and physical customer touch points onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print.

The world of commerce (commerce software platforms) is growing rapidly, especially in the Scandinavian region. We decided to jump to this new challenge with our Nordic partner and build strategic service support from our software centers in Poland. Since 1 October 2015, the local JCommerce nearshore team and the customer’s team in Finland have been focusing on the development of hybris micro architecture. Our client’s main goal is to build an accelerator for the most appropriate Hybris platform for new sales (planned to be deployed in early 2016).

The near future looks very promising. We have been told that in less than half a year we will expand our customer’s hybris business in the areas of:

  • hybris commerce (cloud edition) which is based on the hybrid platform and offers hosting of a platform-based solution through hybris,
  • hybris as a service (YaaS), a newly developed hybris solution which fully utilizes cloud computing and is based on microservice architecture.

Curious to see how the new JCommerce service model is evolving? Please visit our website or and stay tuned!