news | February 14, 2020

JCommerce achieves great results on Clutch in 2020

The year 2020 began with great news for JCommerce – once again we have seen excellent results on the Clutch reference portal. We were ranked 1st both in Poland and worldwide in Data Analytics.

JCommerce has been achieving increasingly good results on Clutch for several years now. Last year, we were ranked on the Clutch 1000 list, and in 2020 we started to rise up the rankings in the area of Data Analytics, both in Poland and worldwide. Our ever-improving results are confirmation of our services and competences in the field of Business Intelligence. Our clients also appreciate JCommerce’s competences in IT Managed Services and the skills of our software developers and quality assurance specialists.

  • Top Global Data Analytics Companies – 1st place
  • Top Poland Data Analytics Companies – 1st place
  • Top Poland Managed Services – 2nd place
  • Top Poland Java Developers – 2nd place
  • Top Poland .NET Development Companies – 3rd place
  • Top Poland Software Quality Assurance Companies – 4th place
  • Top Poland NodeJS Development Companies – 6th place
  • Top Poland Custom Software Developers – 7th place
  • Top Poland IT Consulting Companies – 9th place

Clutch brings together 27,000 companies from all over the world. The portal is a source of verified information about companies operating in the IT industry. It allows clients to familiarize themselves with reviews and to verify the quality of services. It also offers the opportunity to reach out to a particular provider directly via the portal.