news | April 16, 2019

JCommerce is cooperating with a client developing AR-based services

JCommerce is glad to announce the beginning of outsourcing cooperation with a client who develops Augmented Reality-based services. It is our aim as a partner to develop the client’s web and mobile application.

As an IT outsourcing partner, JCommerce will be responsible for developing an API which enables the iOS application and web-based application used to manage the client’s system to communicate with each other. Currently the client is updating their mobile and web application and is in the process of moving its services and platform into the cloud. It will be our goal as a partner to develop the aforementioned web-based application. In addition, JCommerce will undertake cloud hosting preparation.

Our Client uses AR-based solutions to provide a service which lets users annotate interesting places with tags (like cafes, shopping centers and parking places, for example), observe them via devices’ cameras and share them with others. The key point is that the AR-based solution can be successfully implemented not only in the entertainment industry – the client is turning AR into a useful tool which can be easily adapted for enterprise use, so that businesses could add their own beacons wherever needed.