news | January 13, 2016

JCommerce IT software services have reached Norway

At the end of 2015 JCommerce established yet another long-term partnership in Northern Europe. For the first time, we will have an opportunity to deliver our consulting and IT software services in Norway.

We have started to operate in the Java domain (based on the Scrum approach) with a client who has been responsible for building software services and solutions for nearly 15 years now, both in Norway and internationally. Our partner’s main focus is to create an improved flow of information between broadcasting TV and video production companies. More importantly, our partner crew has experience working with the largest broadcasters in Norway.

Both IT teams (from the Norwegian and Polish sides) met in mid-November 2015 at the JCommerce HQ in Katowice to discuss the essence of the project. The main goal of the implementation phase was to provide proper architecture and domain design, and well-defined goals before the start of the real development phase.
In December, a team of JCommerce representatives met our Norwegian client at their HQ (close to the capital of Norway – Oslo). We evaluated the first month of work as well as planed deployment and upcoming deliveries.

Everything looks good! We are really pleased with how our cooperation has gone so far and are highly optimistic about the success and quality of our partnership going forward.