news | November 20, 2013

JPoint – a friendly business space for students

JCommerce as polish software development company has been involved in the “JStudent – synergy of science and business” project, which helps students to get used to the international business environment and feel that work can be fun.

On 2nd December 2013 we will open the first JPoint in Poland, which is located at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Silesia. JPoint is a creative space made especially for students. All elements of its composition were derived from our new office. Our main idea of design was to fuse the business and informative function of the space with the students’ initiative, that is a graffiti made based on their ideas. Thanks to that, we received a common place, which combines business life and student energy.

JCommerce with its JPoint project shows its attitude towards Polish and foreign students. We are actively involved in the most important stage of students’ education – getting experience. Our idea has to underline that the business market is a friendly area waiting for students and graduates.

We have been cooperating with the University of Silesia, mainly the Institute of Computer Science, because we want to provide possibilities for students to develop their skills during internships that we organize at JCommerce. The Institute of Computer Science cooperates with foreign universities from Finland, Greece, Germany, and Spain on the basis of bilateral agreement concerned with educational and internship programmes. The exchange of students allows to build their openness for new and innovative opportunities.