news | February 22, 2021

Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2021: Gartner named Business Intelligence leaders

Gartner published its annual report “Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2021” wherein the analytical company names leaders. 

In 2021, just like the year before, the leaders in the field of Business Intelligence tools are: Microsoft, Tableau, and Qlik. This year, however, ThoughtSpot is outside of the Magic Quadrant’s list of leaders. 

The Microsoft Power BI tool in 2020 gained a number of new functionalities, among others extended possibilities of using AI solutions. Power BI is available both in the cloud (Azure), SaaS and on-premise versions. As per Gartner’s report, the major Power BI advantages include alignment with Office 365 and Teams application, and a good price – capabilities ratio.  

The provider of Tableau focuses on Customer Experience and developing solutions facilitating data analysis and visualization. The main changes introduced in 2020 include richer data modeling capabilities and greater capabilities of use of the original provider’s VizQL engine.   

When it comes to Qlik Sense, Gartner places emphasis on the flexibility of choice of the version. Qlik’s BI tool is available in both SaaS, on-premise and cloud models (multicloud and most providers’ platforms). Qlik bets on AI, ML and self-service solutions, and the key functionalities of the tool take advantage of Qlik Cognitive Engine that has been used and developed for 25 years now.  

Gartner’s Report is an important list of Business Intelligence platform providers. The report comes in handy in the process of choosing and implementing Business Intelligence tools. 

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