news | October 4, 2019

Meet Anna Valkenburg of JCommerce at WOMMS!

WOMMS, which will be held in Warsaw on 8 October is a prestigious networking event which attracts top management. Anna Valkenburg of JCommerce will attend the meeting.

The event has been organized by the WOMMS business club across European cities for 11 years now, bringing together entrepreneurs, directors and investors. As JCommerce is focused on supporting companies in making the best decisions in the context of technological development, we could not miss the opportunity to attend WOMMS, which is a great chance to discuss innovative enterprise solutions.

How do firms cope with digitalization processes? Are entrepreneurs using Apple devices and solutions, and if so – in which scope? Anna Valkenburg of JCommerce is keen to talk about the above aspects as well as to discuss the digital transformation challenges faced by companies. Anna will share her experience and offer advice on how to manage Apple devices in business effectively.

Should you have any questions regarding Apple management or if you would like to share your experience, do not hesitate to contact Anna to schedule a meeting during WOMMS: