news | January 24, 2020

New calendar for 2020! Stay fit with JCommerce, play with the Orchestra

Get JCommerce’s calendar for the upcoming year and support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The calendar has been prepared in cooperation with the “Rehabilita” Center for Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy.

The calendar will not let you forget your New Year’s resolutions. You will benefit from doing something for yourself, while helping the children at the same time by supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Every page of the calendar features a different exercise, which has been selected to meet the needs of people who work many hours per day sitting down. The calendar for 2020 has been created in cooperation with specialists from the “Rehabilita” Center for Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy, who have selected suitable exercises and created the training plan for the whole year.

What makes this calendar so unique? It was prepared by JCommerce’s employees, some of whom acted as models and photographers during production, as well as creating the design and layout of the calendar. We aim to encourage as many people as possible to spend their breaks at work in an active manner by doing these simple exercises.

Should you wish to have one of the calendars, of which a total of 600 were produced, simply make a donation (PLN 25) during the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Grand Finale. All the money raised is designated for the purposes of GOCC: supporting children’s pediatric surgery and treatment.

Link: GOCC – JCommerce’s calendar for 2020.