news | February 7, 2018

New scope of cooperation with a Finnish telco

Solita has decided to cooperate with JCommerce, taking advantage of outsourcing Java programmers to deliver new features in a project for DNA, a Finnish telco company.

The goal of the project is the further development of the website, a portal based on the open source Liferay 7 DXP platform. Due to the large number of third-party systems that should be integrated with the platform and the involvement of external companies in the implementation of tasks, it is a complex and challenging project.

The JCommerce team consists of Java developers, and is responsible for improving the key elements of the website and the quality of its users’ digital experience.

The most important tasks in the project concern the unification of the user experience using the following services:

  • sale of devices,
  • telephone and TV subscriptions,
  • Internet access,
  • managing its own account and products.

Improvements to the information section of the website must also be made.

The project for DNA – in cooperation with Solita – is undeniable proof of the trust which they have in JCommerce in the light of previous successful joint implementation projects.