news | May 10, 2019

Outsourcing cooperation with a client providing CRM solutions

JCommerce has started outsourcing cooperation with a client providing Customer Relationship Management software.

It is our aim as an IT partner to develop PHP-based extensions for the existing CRM system.

JCommerce’s client is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Their core business areas are CRM and Marketing Automation solutions. As the number of the client’s CRM system implementations grows, it has become necessary to extend their existing IT team. JCommerce’s specialists will support them in the team extension model, developing PHP extensions for the web-based CRM system. The aforementioned PHP extensions are bespoke solutions making it possible to personalize the CRM system according to clients’ requirements – amending the system itself is not necessary.

JCommerce’s tasks:

  • writing functional and design specifications,
  • development of system test specifications,
  • development of the code,
  • solution testing,
  • removal of defects identified during tests at the customer’s site.

The client’s CRM solutions support multiple business areas, for example marketing, sales, customer service and order management.