news | August 8, 2014

Growth of JCommerce visible in 2014 Computerworld ranking

In the latest Computerworld TOP200 JCommerce has been ranked as the 19th-largest IT services exporter and remains among the top companies offering outsourcing services – 32nd place.

JCommerce moved up to the top 100 of largest IT services providers and once again confirmed its continuous dynamic growth and expansion in domestic and foreign market. The company is the leader in deploying Business Intelligence solutions – 10 position, delivering web applications and websites – 14 position, delivering mobile applications – 16 position, developing ERP systems – 36 position. JCommerce is ranked at 22nd place in the category of largest IT providers for the transport, forwarding and logistics sector, at 23rd in the ranking for the media sector, in the first top 50 for the healthcare sector and banking, in the first top 100 for the financial sector and insurance, energy, trade, construction industry and public administration.

JCommerce remains the leader among the companies offering IT services in the cloud model (28), integration services (73) and custom software development (39). As a training unit – the JCommerce Academy of Competence, the company remains in the first top 50 of the largest companies in the training services sector. Regarding the employment growth JCommerce occupies the 34 position, recording a 22% growth in the number of employees.

The Computerworld TOP200 gives the most complete picture of the Polish ICT market available to date. JCommerce once again confirmed its continuous development, which significantly influence trust and satisfaction of our customers, business partners, current and potential employees.