news | March 30, 2017

The Swiss company Bystronic commences cooperation with JCommerce

JCommerce has begun close cooperation with Bystronic, a leading supplier of machine systems for industrial processing and related services, in nearshore software development model.

Bystronic offers solutions such as advanced machines for industrial processing, including for the cutting of a variety of materials. They are  using a laser and water jet, and bending sheet metal (including for the shipbuilding and automotive industries). The equipment produced and utilized by the company requires specialized software. It ensures a high level of precision of material processing (see the video material below).

The Swiss company decided to commence cooperation with JCommerce, entrusting them with the development of software. As a result JCommerce specialists are currently working on software projects to support Bystronic by developing new solutions in the field of Industry 4.0.

Ultimately the JCommerce team is to be expanded to 15 people this year and is to undertake projects connected with industrial automation, PLC drivers and robotics and algorithms for traffic control, as well as tests and projects using JAVA technology.

View the Video: Bystronic’s latest laser system