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Dutch Job Vacancy Website Development

The project for VNU Media involves operating a tool that is used to map job offers from external websites to a database of job announcements in the Netherlands

Project scope:Website development and maintenance
Team size:1
Time:1 month

Dedicated website development

The aim of the project was the development of the job vacancy website The dedicated website has a broad inventory of jobs available across the Netherlands, accumulated by scraping many Dutch websites where job offers are available. This is accomplished via the use of scraping software called Mozenda, a tool that can be used to create scripts (agents) to map data and export it in a form suitable for further treatment.

JCommerce has provided a hassle-free service that has enabled us to offload some IT maintenance activities with little overhead.

Bret Kelly, Director of Design & Technology VNU Vacature Media

Project goals

  • Monitoring of mapping scripts.
  • Fixing emerging problems and creating new scripts according to the needs of the client.
  • Supervising the correctness of data being imported from the mapping tool to a database through the client’s CMS.
  • Creating scripts (agents), which map data and export it in a form suitable for further treatment (Mozenda).

About the client

VNU Vacature Media is a Dutch recruitment solutions provider.

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