Fineo Security Platform Development

The aim of the project was the design of the Fineo framework in order to create a cloud-based security platform.

Country: Germany
Year: 2012 - 2013
Project scope: Cloud Security Platform Development
Team size: 4
Technologies: OSGI, JPA
Project company name: Adeece

Fineo framework development

Fineo is an OpenSource security platform framework that offers cloud-based security services on various levels such as data, communication & user-level. The Fineo framework allows programmers to use an application which authorizes personal data (OAuth or SSO) in an easy way, thanks to which time and money can be saved and many applications can be tested. Fineo is positioned in the market as an innovative, technologically scalable and high-performance security platform.

The main goal of the Fineo project was to build an open source community and try to establish security standards and specifications in the field of cloud security.

Functional benefits

  • Data level security e.g. encryption, signatures
  • A security token service which enables consumers to communicate securely
  • A policy-based security service which enables consumers to choose the desired security level at runtime depending on their requirements and capabilities
  • A security service gateway for enterprise clouds
  • A data scanning service which includes documents, business data objects, signed emails
  • Data storage security
  • Specialized security for big data
  • Extendable and pluggable to different security back ends
  • Enabling security for smart phone apps
  • Providing public APIs which can be used by other software

We were very satisfied with and impressed by the support of JCommerce. We like the transparent and open culture in JCommerce and, honestly, the warmth of people here.

Anubhav Sharma, Co-Founder Adeece

About the client

Adeece GmbH is an IT consulting company located in Düsseldorf, with its primary focus on developing innovative products in the field of cloud security.

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