Online Games Development – Gouden

Mobile versions of two Gouden games, which provide functionalities such as rankings, match scores, match plans and team management.

Country: Belgium
Year: 2012
Project scope: Online game development
Team size: 10
Technologies: Java, Struts2, Freemarker, Spring, Ehcache, Hibernate, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Modernizr, Highcharts, Facebook JavaScript SDK, CSS3
Project company name: De Persgroep

Gouden 11

The goal of the project was the development of a website, administration backend and a mobile version for Gouden 11, a fantasy football game based on a popular model where participants create a team that consists of actual football players and get points for their performance. Along with the core application with player rankings, a team edition etc., JCommerce has worked on data importing from third-party providers (lnfostrada Sports, Global Sports Media) and an application for administrators.

Gouden Cross

Development of a new version of the e Gouden Cross Cross game, which is dedicated to cyclo-cross racing where participants create a team that consists of actual cross-bikers or cross-biker teams, and get points for their performance. The core application consists of: player rankings, a team edition, and an application for administrators.

Within the framework of cooperation, all project tasks were undertaken in accordance with functional specifications. During our collaboration, the experts from JCommerce showed their strong commitment to and knowledge of the context and requirements of the project – with an absolute minimum of communication overhead. We can confirm that JCommerce is a company of hard-working people, highly committed to quality and meeting deadlines. I am very grateful for the commitment and the perseverance of JCommerce!

Gert Francois, Group Manager DE PERSGROEP

About the client

De Persgroep is one of the largest media companies in Belgium and has expanded from a local, Flemish media company to a leading bi-national organization with more than 3000 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands, with several television and radio stations, magazines and newspapers available in paper and electronic form. The company’s portfolio also includes services based on mobile applications.

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