.NET Platform Development

The customer, an Italian market leader in Web Hosting, Domains, Cloud, e-Security and Data Center services, was looking for a long term partnership in the .NET domain. The scope of cooperation was continious development of three new platforms.

Country: Italy
Year: Since 2014
Project scope: Development support
Team size: 6 members
Technologies: ASP.NET WebAPI, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Services, DurandalJS, KnockoutJS,
Project company name: The market leader in web hosting services

Project description

Project involved development of three platforms. The aim of the first one is to create a unified API that hosts logic and serve data for the needs of  two others platforms. The second is a service acquisition solution that is meant to deliver consistent, unified experience to the end users according to the service they are buying (dedicated servers, VPSes, cloud services, certified mailboxes and so on). The third platform was created from scratch, it is a centralized place where end users can manage their services. ​

Communication and the exchange of information

The cooperation between the two parties involved is based on good communication. For the current flow of general technical information and the communication within the teams we utilize specialized solutions for specific communication purposes, such as:

  • JIRA to coordinate the tasks,
  • an internal XMPP-based communicator for ongoing communication with contact persons,
  • Google Hangouts for group communication (including video) as part of mixed Polish-Italian teams,
  • Google Docs to write functional requirements of the tasks performed,
  • an internal error reporting tool,
  • an internal time reporting tool.

About the client

An Italian market leader in Web Hosting, Domains, Cloud, e-Security and Data Center services.

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