Reports | March 18, 2021

Top programming languages in 2021

What are the top programming languages in 2021? When searching for the answer, it is worth analyzing the TIOBE index, which is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages. Read why software programmers choose these particular programming languages and what makes them so successful.


Popular programming languages

According to the TIOBE Index for March 2021, Java is ranked in the top 3 programming languages, but we can also observe consistent growth in the popularity of Python and C.

Why choose C?

The C programming language was developed in the 1970s. It is an object-oriented language mostly used in operating systems. According to experts, it allows developers to learn the fundamentals of coding and gain a better understanding of programming in general.

Why Python?

Is the interest in Python mere hype? Python is now 35 years old and nowadays is considered one of the fastest-growing programming languages. Software programmers are willing to code in Python as it is easy to learn and has a simple syntax.  

Will Python take over the top spot? It has certainly become the backbone of all kinds of data science projects, but can also be used in web and desktop app development. However, experts predict that Python might not become a general-purpose programming language, and over time its usage may be limited to specific areas, like data science and ML.

Why Java?

Java was originally developed in 1995, and currently there are about 10 million Java software programmers. The reason why developers are keen on learning Java is that it is considered a classic programming language, which is easy to learn and is constantly evolving. What’s more, there is a large community of Java developers and a number of freely available sources.

Java is widely used in enterprise software development and in mobile applications development. Companies around the world choose Java as it is reliable, compatible and secure. Who knows, maybe there is a grain of truth in the anecdote saying that 90 percent of companies listed on the Fortune 500 use Java? Applications written in Java are often called “WORA”, meaning: “Write once, run anywhere” – the code written in Java can be run on any machine supporting JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

Client Story

A pioneering solution by JCommerce’s Java developers supports the development of one of the leading e-commerce brands.

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Top IT skills in demand

In 2021 we can observe huge demand for IT competences which are relevant from the perspective of Digital Transformation. According to the HackerRank report, the most in-demand competences are those related to Full-Stack Development, Machine Learning, DevOps, Systems Architecture and Data Science. When it comes to programming, HR specialists point out that they are having difficulties in recruiting Java, JavaScript and Python developers. Where can one find such competences?

Outsource software development to Poland

Over the years, the importance of Polish software houses has risen, as Polish software programmers are valued for their expertise, English proficiency and know-how. According to the BulldogJob report, Java and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages in Poland, and when it comes to the programming languages which developers want to learn, Python is number one.

Where to find the best Java programmers in Poland?


Nowadays, many companies are striving to hire experienced software programmers, but the IT talent shortage in Europe is not making it any easier. When searching for IT talents, it is worth considering a rapidly developing country like Poland with its vast IT talent pool. Last but not least, IT is not only about programming skills. In the era of remote software development, soft skills are also crucial, so make sure to hire specialists that have both excellent programming skills and personal qualities that foster collaboration.   

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