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Software development areas

Our team of 350 experts allows us to offer a wide range of technological competences and programming languages.

Programming languages and competencies

Project Management Methodologies

Agile software development methodologies are the foundation of all our projects.


We use Scrum to manage software development projects from scratch as well as in the form of team extension and team leasing services for better performance and transparent communication. We have expert Scrum Masters and Product Owners to guide the team or support your project based on agile methodology.


We use the Kanban model to introduce change through incremental improvements. In this way, we manage the creation of products focused on constant delivery instead of overwhelming the development team.


We use the waterfall model in projects where the requirements and scope, as well as the technology and the product itself, are fixed. In this model we provide a structured approach with clearly defined phases and easily identifiable milestones.

Hybrid model

The hybrid model used in our projects is based on the years of experience of our project managers, software developers and IT professionals. It provides the right mix of project management methodologies and approaches to meet client expectations and the project requirements.

Competences as a Service – Talent Leasing Solves Recruitment Issues

With a high demand for IT specialists nowadays, companies are often forced to compromise. 

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Competences as a Service

Talent Leasing Solves Recruitment Issues

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