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Java programmers are conscious of the language’s versatility and flexibility, noting that it has been used to build iconic applications such as NASA World Wind, Blue-ray BD-J and Think Free. Our nearshore IT services will bring the real sparks of the expertise to your project.

Common Applications of Java

There are a plethora of niches in software development where Java would be considered the best-fitting programming language to settle on. Some of the industries that leverage Java software development include web development, back-end development, mobile development and standalone software development. 

Why Java?

  • Object oriented
    Java gives you the flexibility of developing modular, object oriented programs that are easy to maintain and reuse in future.
  • Secure
    Java programming language is one of the safest programming languages in the market as it has reliable integrated security functionalities.
  • Platform independent
    Programs built using Java are portable and can run on different computer systems and platforms, including JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that also supports additional programming languages like Groovy and Kotlin.
  • Multi threaded
    Java gives you the advantage of developing programs that can do different tasks at a go. For example, you might be in need of an application that captures data and, at the same time, performs an analysis.
  • Active community
    Java is popular worldwide. This has its own benefits such as active forums, blog posts and free to use libraries to speed up development.
  • Fast developing
    Java is an old programming language but this does not mean it is not updated. In fact, on average it is updated every 6 months, which makes it one of the fastest developing languages.
  • Supports reactive programming and microservices architecture
    Java gives you the advantage of using it in the reactive programming, as well as in the microservice architecture that are becoming more and more popular these days.
  • Lots of ide’s
    For future development of your software product, you will want to ensure you can make edits going forwards. Java has a wide variety of IDE’s available such as Eclipse that allow for easy edits and upgrades.

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Our expert team of Java developers have the experience to build custom web applications to a high coding standard.

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Java Frameworks & Tools

In web development, popular frameworks include Spring Boot (including Spring MVC) and JSF. In back-end development, the framework that can be used in Data access is Spring Data, which can be used for both SQL and non-SQL databases. What is even more important Java is a basic programming language for Android Platform, what makes it one the most frequent used language in a mobile development. Last but not least Java FX and Swing frameworks are used to develop desktop GUI applications.

There are several Java development tools in the market including IDEs, build tools, continuous integration tools, version control systems and programming tools. Some of the IDEs in the market are Intellij IDEA and Eclipse, while build tools include Maven and Gradle. For continuous integration, some of the commonly used tools are Jenkins and Bamboo. Git and SVN are widely used in version control systems.

At JCommerce, we do not merely provide you with a Java development team, but one which is the best fit for your project. Our positive client response evidences our competency that is second to none. Outsource to us so that you can focus on growing your company.


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