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Finding an ideal team of .NET developers can be really frustrating. With outsourcing as the best option, this has never been easier. Our nearshore IT services ensure you have time to focus on nurturing your business.

At JCommerce, we are a reliable team of experienced programmers including .NET developers who will take on your project to save you staffing expenses and time.

Our .NET programmers work within the .NET platforms with benefits in mind, seeing as .NET and its technical possibilities have revolutionized programming through the development of notable web applications such as Stack Overflow, Microsoft and GoDaddy.


Common Applications of .NET in the Market

Owing to its versatility, .NET is a software development platform that can be used in numerous applications, and is arguably the best one for the job. .NET is used in such development areas as web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, cross-platform applications, embedded systems, Web Services, distributed applications and cloud solutions.


Why Choose the .NET Platform

  • Supreme security
    .NET comes with advanced security features such as Windows Authentication, configuration for web-based apps and web services, especially SOAP technology, safeguard functionalities such as Code Access Security to validate and verify code, and obfuscation tools to hide the destination and clarity of code.
  • Minimized coding through project templates and references
    With the .NET platform, you don’t always have to start from scratch when embarking on another project, as this can be tedious and expensive. Make use of modules from previous projects using references with unparalleled ease and employ previously developed project templates.
  • Compatibility with different platforms
    .NET framework is compatible with the various platforms without worrying whether your applications can be accessed using different environments and devices, e.g. COM which is a Component Object Model .NET built mechanism. .NET offers the possibility of choosing development programming languages and frameworks which extends the number of programmers using the .NET platform and the projects being developed within it. Moreover, it provides the possibility of building cross-platform applications using Xamarin and access to the NuGet code libraries repository supporting project development.
  • Memory management
    .NET uses Garbage Collector, the memory management tool. Garbage Collector works periodically and without any impact on the development process due to it functioning in the background.


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Our expert team of .NET developers have the experience to build custom web applications to a high coding standard.

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.NET languages, tools and frameworks

The major .NET programming language is C# and the most popular frameworks are .NET Framework 4.7, its predecessor versions, .NET Core 2.0. and .NET Core 1.1. ASP .NET MVC architectonic pattern, JavaScript programming language and Angular frameworks are some of the significant technologies used in development of the web applications. Due to the Web Services and system communication layers, the development programmer has access to such frameworks as Windows Communication Foundation, Web Api and its binding models such SOAP and REST. In terms of the development of desktop applications, commonly used frameworks are the Windows Presentation Foundation and WinForms. Xamarin is a cross-platform development software used in the development of embedded systems such as mobile applications.

There are several tools used in .NET development, including testing tools such as NUnit, continuous integration tools such as Build Master, logging tools like Log4Net, strictly development supporting tools such as ReSharper and reporting tools such as Reporting Services that are used in creating, managing and delivering reports to specific system users.

Significantly, the .NET platform is compatible with the popular open source distributed version control system GIT, especially GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket solutions, within development environments such as Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. With the help of these tools programmers can easily manage projects, versions, deployment and maintenance. Furthermore, practices such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment become easy to achieve.

An important and satisfying fact is that, with the growth in the versions of .NET frameworks, Microsoft is increasingly focusing on the open-source concept. This is significant for programmers and cross-platform project development, and also within different operating systems such as Windows and macOS, especially when it comes to .NET Core frameworks.

At JCommerce, we provide you with a bespoke .NET development team tailored to the needs of your company and project. We take pride in having satisfied clients with growing businesses. Outsource to us and get an exceptional .NET team that will help you take your business to the next level.


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