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In our modern and fast-changing world, freedom of movement and mobility are most valued.

That is why mobile devices, which are in high demand on the market, have caused a necessity in high-quality mobile applications and services.


Native vs Hybrid Apps

Nowadays, there are 2 main approaches to developing mobile applications: developing applications using the native programming language for the developed platform and building hybrid apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Let’s consider the native ones:

  • Used to create mobile applications for Android devices. Research shows that 60% of smartphones in the world run Android OS, which means that Java apps have a great potential in terms of user outreach.
  • Made by Apple and designed to develop applications for iOS and macOS. Swift has borrowed quite a lot from C ++ and Objective-C.
  • C ++. Used to build mobile applications for Android and Windows. Its versatility usually makes it the most preferable for developers.


Benefits of Having a Mobile Application for Your Business

Mobile technology is a powerful tool which can help you interact with your customers anywhere at any time. If you are not sure whether your business needs a mobile app, we can clarify the situation and provide some persuasive arguments on the issue:

  • Sales increase
    A mobile application is a tool for attracting and retaining customers. With built-in features like loyalty programs and push notifications, you can motivate users to buy your products or services.
  • Target audience
    Your potential customer won’t be able to leave just by closing the browser page. The company’s website is able to bring traffic through search engines, and by switching users from the site to mobile application, you will continue guiding them even after they left the webpage.
  • Improved marketing
    The application helps launch new and interesting marketing activities. For example, to get customers, you can offer them a bonus for installing the app.

What Happens if You Don’t Update Your Existing App or Service

As an application developer or a business owner who uses mobile technology to distribute information about the company, it is essential to understand the importance of regular mobile application updates. Here’s what happens if you don’t consider it necessary:

  • Competitive disadvantage
    While other companies are constantly working on their apps (adding new features, improving the design, troubleshooting), you keep staying on the same level, thus doing your competitors a huge favor.
  • Poor marketing
    Experimental functions in each product release help you study customers’ behavior and make changes to your marketing strategy. Otherwise, it becomes ineffective.
  • Numerous errors
    App Store or Google Play is a great platform to test your application. Active users will rate it and often leave comments which can be used as test data in the future. By skipping an update, you increase the number of errors and lose customers’ trust.

Full Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Our experienced team is ready to build custom mobile web applications which you have planned, regardless of how complex or large they are.

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Outsourcing of the Mobile Developers

Our task is to help you build a successful mobile product by taking on delegated responsibilities so that you can concentrate on the most critical business activities. By choosing JCommerce as your partner, you receive:

  • Quick access to a dedicated team of professionals
  • Ability to use workforce efficiently, save time and meet deadlines
  • High quality and speed due to the specialized experience in the field of mobile development
  • Technical resources, knowledge, and highly qualified personnel that is aimed to achieve your goals

Feel free to contact us – we will be glad to become your reliable partner.


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