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Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are a foundation of the control systems in Industry 4.0, as are the accompanying HMI panels and SCADA systems, enabling supervision and control of the process by the machine operator.

Any control system needs a regular software upgrade or the implementation of new features, which is impossible without a qualified IT team.

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PLC Software Development Outsourcing Services

Through cooperation with JCommerce you will receive support at every stage of PLC system development – during the conception, implementation and maintenance processes, delivered by a dedicated team consisting of experienced specialists who possess know-how pertaining to popular controllers made by industry leaders, such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley or Schneider Electric.

PLC, despite its relatively small size, enables the creation and implementation of complicated algorithms which in turn enable control of the machine’s movements, controlling the operation of the production line or the drinking water treatment process – all the while providing all data to HMI panels and SCADA stations, where it is up-to-date and available for viewing and archiving.


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Our expert team of PLC developers have the experience to build custom web applications to a high coding standard.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Functionalities, communication capabilities and controller performance are constantly improved, which only goes to speed up the development of the Industry 4.0 idea. On the other hand, increasing the capabilities of controllers makes the PLCs and systems they control even more complex. Technological development and the complexity of the systems means that issues such as the degree of system reliability, detection of potential failures, or prediction of production downtime which activates reserves, are becoming important factors and should be taken into account for every industrial or production process.

In connection with these changes, the need arises for teams consisting of engineers who perfectly know and follow trends in the industry to use the knowledge and implement the best solutions in the organization.

The most important trends:

  • The possibility of the integration of PLC controllers with HMI operator panels and SCADA systems
  • The independent operation of machines after disconnecting the HMI panel – if it does not jeopardize the safety of the process
  • Cyber-security
  • Applications used to control machines at the mobile device level, such as mobile phones or tablets
  • Wireless communication features connected by means of data exchange between machines, remote access to controllers throughout Ethernet and Internet networks, including the possibility of remote diagnostics and service


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The Goals of Industry 4.0 Solutions

  • reduction of machine downtime, which increases production processes but at a lower cost,
  • increased precision of devices and robots, which eliminates the generation of losses and wasting materials,
  • smooth functioning of the production line,
  • flexibility and adapting to changes,
  • increased safety in production halls,
  • the ability to quickly expand automation systems,
  • easy, minimized service.

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