Team Delivery

Outsourcing of IT specialists and project teams - Team leasing

We have 13 years of experience in the delivery of development teams for international customers that need support with their custom software project.

We build and assist with the management of nearshore development centers and dedicated teams of different sizes. We have over 350 IT professionals on board including architects, business analysts, project managers, software engineers, QA engineers, DW and BI developers who work on various international projects.

Talent pool to build your team

You have a software project and need to hire a development team, that will support your project in the areas of:

  • Custom Software Development,
  • IT Consulting,
  • Business Analysis,
  • Digital Transformation,
  • Quality Assurance,
  • Business Intelligence,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning.

Our specializations

The right mix of technologies

For better and easier management of the software development process, we use agile methodologies. We offer a mix of technologies covering:

  • .Net,
  • Java,
  • PHP,
  • Front-End,
  • Jamf Pro,
  • Qlik, and many more.

Technologies & Methodologies

How we do it

When setting up a nearshore team, we would go through the following stages:

  • Business engagement – understand your business,
  • Project engagement – understand the project goals,
  • Team discovery – setting up the team,
  • Continuous Team Delivery – product development with time, quality & cost control.

Phases and pricing


It all starts with the first step

Cooperation with us usually begins with the outsourcing of a few specialists. The number of team members and teams can scale up or down, depending on your current needs – application development, system integration, software testing or website development.

Team leasing of our talented software developers is a cost effective method of completing your custom project. Our custom software development services for projects across Europe is highly rated with services spanning across 19 different countries.

A dedicated software development team is more desirable than freelancers because you will have no security issues, miscommunication or lack of knowledge.

Try us at work

At your request we can start with a period of trial cooperation – it usually takes 1-2 months or it is focused on a particular task. It’s the perfect time for you to check our competencies and decide on further cooperation.

Our team at JCommerce have been outsourcing software development for over 13 years and we specialize in a range of programming languages and services.

We offer professional software developers for hire. Hiring our team of dedicated software developers is simple and you have peace of mind that we will deliver on time. You can read further into our software development company based in Poland, which can get to work on your software project straight away.


Dozens of customers from 19 countries have already developed their IT projects with JCommerce

Now it’s your turn!

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