Webinars | October 17, 2019

Why should you have your own DevOps team?

DevOps practice is becoming more and more popular. Cooperation between the software development department and the systems management department brings many benefits, such as shortening the time of project implementation or increasing efficiency.


DevOps practice is becoming more and more popular – each company wants to implement their projects faster and more efficiently. An additional problem is scalability in monolithic architectures, which we encounter every day.

However, we can still come across the following phrase: “A DevOps team is unnecessary; developers combined with Sysops/IT infrastructure/admin are enough”.

During the webinar, Michał Orłowski talked about the role of DevOps in the organization and explained why it is worth having such a team at your company.

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Michal Orlowski
Technical Solution Manager

An active developer for over 7 years, he has held a number of positions from Senior Java Developer, Technical Team Leader, DevOps to IT Architect. As a developer, he’s a functional programming fan, JAVA enthusiast, Scala adept, and JavaScript supporter. As a mentor, he tries to prove that it is "possible". As a trainer, he only teaches new and ambitious things. Every day he tries to show that "skills > experience". After hours, he’s a collector of software certificates.