Why Poland | February 20, 2020

Why It’s Worthwhile Outsourcing IT Services to Poland

Turning to Poland for IT outsourcing services is a popular solution to many startups and enterprises in Europe, and a host of many other countries in the world. This trend has been going on for some time, steadily increasing since 2018.

Poland IT outsourcing

According to Statista, the IT-outsourcing market in Poland is forecasted to reach USD 2,311.7 million by 2021. Factors such as affordable prices, excellent work ethics, a vast pool of qualified talent, quality IT solutions, among other incredible benefits, are driving this exponential growth. That’s why companies enjoy working with development teams in Poland. 

That said, this article goes deeper into showcasing why outsourcing IT services to Poland is worthwhile. We touch on the structure of the IT market in Poland, the IT services companies can access, and the standout advantages of outsourcing of Polish IT services. 

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The Structure of the IT market in Poland

The IT market makes up about eight percent of Poland’s GDP. As of 2018, this industry employs an excess of 430,000 people, with three-quarters of them working in the services segment. Yearly, the number of workers in this sector rises at a rate of about six percent. Currently, Poland’s market has 60,000 firms. 

When it comes to the value of IT equipment exports, Poland gained 10.7 billion EUR in sales in 2018. And as of 2017, IT equipment sales accounted for about 55% of Poland’s market. IT services, with a 29% market share, were second, while software, with a 16% share of the market, was third.

IT Services in Poland

Poland’s IT market is heavily impacted by the digitization of public administration, entrepreneurship, and services. In 2017, Poland spent a whooping two hundred million EUR on cloud techs, and this figure has been rising since with the increase in demand. As such, by 2023, Poland’s cloud tech market is expected to reach about four hundred and fifty million EUR.  

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services to Poland

So, why should you turn to custom software development Poland? Here are some advantages you stand to gain, just to name a few:

  • Skilled programmers

Poland has a vast pool of well-educated and experienced developers. Most Polish programmers also understand Scrum and Agile methodology. The country is, therefore, known for its excellent code quality.

  • Remarkable English proficiency among Polish programmers

No need to worry about language barriers when you are dealing with an outsourcing services provider in this country. Polish developers have excellent English skills and Poland is ranked 11th in English proficiency.

  • Workable time zone variation

Thanks to the similar time zone between Poland and other countries in Europe, Poland is a good option for carrying out IT projects in a nearshoring model. So, it is easy to find a time during the workweek to call or hold meetings.

  • Low hiring prices

Polish developers, though highly experienced, are quite affordable to hire. In countries like Switzerland, Sweden or Germany rates to pay developers are extremely high.

  • Strict data privacy standards

Poland keeps to the European Union data protection regulations and has low cybercrime cases. Thus, you can rest assured that your company data is well-protected.

Final Thoughts

That said, the benefits of outsourcing IT to Poland are enormous. Thanks to the remarkable English proficiency and skills of Polish programmers companies benefit from excellent IT service provided. Workable time zone, low hiring prices, and strict data privacy standards in Poland are just some of the multiple advantages. If you are tired of switching from one outsourcing provider to another or want to start on the right foot, consider outsourcing IT services to Poland.

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