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Our team of 300 experts allows us to offer a software service outsourcing with a wide range of technological competences and programming languages.

Programming languages and competencies


Java is technology by means of which we have begun to provide nearshoring services. Our Java Developers deliver numbers of solutions based on microservices, dedicated tools, frameworks and approaches like DevOps and cloud-native architecture.

In our portfolio of completed Java projects, you will find web and mobile applications, Product Information Management systems, CRM and CCM systems, HR and business operating systems, an e-commerce platform, a cloud-based security platform, maintenance system tools, APIs, frameworks, as well as AI solutions and online games.

programming languages and competencies of JCommerce nearshore IT teams

.NET / C#

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in application development we have verified skills enabling us to provide web apps, mobile apps and platforms using the C# programming language and based on Azure cloud architecture.

Our .NET Developers support many international projects including web portal development, Communication Management system media service platforms, telemedicine platforms, payment applications, augmented reality platforms, industrial software, betting systems, and infrastructure management systems.


Our nearshore team of experienced PHP Developers create advanced web solution and make cloud integrations according to cybersecurity standards, but we also have the requisite skills to use this programming language to create advanced AI or IoT solutions.

In our most recent PHP projects, you will find e-commerce and trade platforms, Product Information Management systems, web pages, customer web services, back-ends of mobile applications and API development.


Front-End Developers from JCommerce build great solutions on the client side of software using the most popular frameworks like React.js, Angular, Node.js as well as Micro Front-End structure, ES Modules and Dynamic Imports.

Our nearshore Front-End Teams develop a number of web and mobile applications, websites, Internet Platforms and online games.


As the number 1 programming language in terms of popuarity, Python is one of the fastest developing branches of our company.

Our Python Developers are ready to help you in various Data Science and automation projects like RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, among others.


We provide nearshoring services of mobile app development projects implementing solutions like Cloud-based Apps, Cross-Platform Apps, Low-code platforms, M-Commerce and Enterprise Apps based on the Enterprise Mobile Management and Application Performance Management approaches.

Our Android and iOS Engineers have developed a number of mobile applications and software of sectors such as HealthTech, e-commerce, sport, media, online games and gambling.


Our nearshore PLC Developers have the requisite experience to build custom web applications to a high coding standard, integrate the programming environment of PLC and HMI as well as create custom solutions for Industry 4.0.

We have provided a number of Digital Transformation projects for industry, including industrial PLC software, computer-aided design software, software for machine operators, and service software to analyze the state of the system. We also implemented dedicated services such as production management from the supervisory control system, fault prediction and remote fault diagnosis.


Software development

Business Analysis

We aim to understand your business and identify the risks and challenges. Our business analysts gather your business needs and requirements in a wide variety of information technology areas to recommend the optimal solutions.

You can use the information gathered for development, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and focus more on innovation and value creation for your business.


Our Technical Solutions Managers support our clients in nearshoring cooperation in the scope of designing architecture for developed applications and IT solutions.

We have the competencies necessary to design and build architecture based on the cloud, but also using modern approaches like Blockchain, Data Mesh, Micro Frontend, Serverless and Microservices and REST as well.


Our nearshoring services help clients to scale their projects based on various methods of software development like Agile including Scrum, Waterfall and many hybrid models.

Our IT specialists have worked on over 200 projects with multicultural international teams from 21 countries.
Our portfolio mostly includes projects based on Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Front-End, PLC and mobile applications development.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

We offer comprehensive testing services that go beyond the traditional assurance services to capture all your existing and prospective needs. You can adapt a suitable service variant to your business requirements and hire our Manual or Automation Testers or Quality Assurance Team, or simply just have your testing tasks done in a fully scalable service model.

We can also run a dedicated Quality Assurance and testing strategy for you and provide Managed Testing Services in order to guarantee the high quality of your development process and control over what is being developed.


We are experts in building a nearshore team with a good understanding of the DevOps workflow including the CI/CD approach and application of cloud tools.

Our DevOps Engineers automate the processes of implementing IT solutions throughout the system development life cycle from software development, to quality assurance, to the maintenance and development of IT infrastructure.

Managed Services

We support our partners in throughout the software development, based on best practices including ITIL, Scrum and DevOps.

Our nearshore teams are capable ofto provide services at all stages of the software development process.


Digital Transformation

Machine Learning

We build nearshore teams which specialize in providing Machine Learning Solutions including Deep Learning.

Our ML Engineers develop applications to process data from document scans, CCTV recordings, financial systems or online behavior tracking tools.

Robotic Process Automation

We provide nearshore services of Robotic Process Automation projects.

Our RPA Engineers, analysts and controllers support companies in the implementation process, from the analysis of business processes in terms of automation possibilities, to the creation and maintenance of robots, to planning RPA strategies and the management of particular robots.

IT nearshore outsourcing services in digital transformation area

Digital Platforms

We develop the functionalities of Digital Platforms for customer service, accounting, logistics and communication processes, and prepare, configure and automate IT system architecture.

Our teams use the proven methods to implement new features and upgrades without affecting the platform’s client service.

Internet of Things

We have the requisite knowledge to build and implement Internet of Things software based on Cloud Computing, Digital Platform, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

Our software development teams provide IoT solutions for industry and the medical sector.

Cloud Services

In our team there are a number of experienced cloud engineers who are able to build advanced solutions based on AWS, Azure and Google clouds.

We provide nearshoring services in terms of cloud application development including configuration of the environment, migration and cloud-based server administration.


Enterprise applications

Jamf Pro Apple device Management

We have experienced macOS Administrators on hand to help you with your corporate device management challenges.

JCommerce offers a full range of outsourcing services for the implementation and maintenance of Apple’s infrastructure, including an audit of your infrastructure, integration of the Jamf Pro system with your current infrastructure, management of applications, updates, and security configurations.

To fulfil the customers’ expectations we provide comprehensive Jamf Pro Managed Services as well.

Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik

We offer years of experience in building effective Business Intelligence solutions and providing business users with comprehensive reports for insightful decision-making.

Our teams of BI Consultants and architects support you in the scope of Data Warehousing, ETL processes and Reporting & Analyzing, based on a wide range of BI tools and technologies. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Data Analytics and Qlik Solution Provider, we enjoy the highest level of support.

We implement the comprehensive BI environment and design professional dashboards for data exploration and advanced data analysis.

Our BI Engineers integrate the Microsoft Power BI platform as well as the Qlik platform, with various data sources such as Office 365, Salesforce, Google Analytics, SQL, and Azure.

See the full scope of technological competencies, technologies and programming languages that we offer through software development outsourcing services.