Finnish Telecom and Information Management System

DNA is a Finnish telecommunications company which provides voice, data and TV services. Such a wide service portfolio means a large amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed. Cooperation between JCommerce and DNA started in 2015 through Solita, a Finnish digital business consultancy and digital services company which supports DNA in its digital transformation challenges. The main goal of this cooperation is to develop DNA’s information management, analytics and reporting solutions and practices. The project’s vision is to significantly increase DNA’s information-influencing capability and efficiency, as well as the operational level of the business and financial management, and create a competitive advantage for DNA.

Country: Finland
Year: 2015
Project scope: Design and implementation of a data warehouse and Business Intelligence system
Team size: 8
Time: ongoing
Technologies: Business Intelligence
Project company name: DNA
Telecom data management


What JCommerce does

The primary part of this project started in 2015. Tasks which JCommerce has undertaken include architecture, business analysis, development and maintenance in the areas of Business Intelligence, Reporting, MDM, Real Time Analytics (Big Data) and Data Warehousing.

The new data warehouse appliance includes a wide variety of source systems and is challenging due to business requirements including data availability, flexibility, quick access to data and minimizing IT involvement in the generation of reports and analysis. This is achieved by introducing the agile business intelligence concept and using a wide variety of modern BI tools and systems.

Business goals

  • Interaction Optimization: Better customer experience across all channels, as well as additional cross-selling.
  • Knowledge management: The business can plan, manage and base its activities on reliable indicators.
  • High-quality data: profitable sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Flexibility: A highly responsive and more capable business.
  • Better cooperation: business-driven, genuine cross-border co-operation across the organization, and agile development.


Development tasks are performed in close cooperation with Solita and DNA business partners in international teams – strong daily co-work relations are maintained by a 20% on-site presence. JCommerce specialists take responsibility for subprojects in terms of technology, architecture and business solutions as well as project implementation, collaboration with other vendors and coordination of their work.

The most exciting challenges and technical benefits:

  • New, modern technologies used.
  • A large system with complex business logic.
  • Integration with external systems, with data from more than 10 source systems.
  • Business results are visible and measurable.

So far so good

After two years of the development process of the program, the first positive results can be seen. From the business perspective, the most important effect is an improvement in business customer satisfaction as proven by surveys – a more than 20% better rating compared to the project baseline measurement. There are also some important benefits from an operational perspective, such as a single access layer to data for the Client’s business consumers (one version of the truth), distribution of data in multiple systems, as well as data available in Real Time or Near Real Time for reporting purposes.

Technologies we use in the project

Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

  • Data Vault modeling
  • Data virtualization as a logical data warehouse
  • Real time processing in the cloud


  • Modern self-service BI reporting and analysis tools

Data processing

  • ETL processes following near real time approach
  • Real time analytics in the cloud
  • MDM – Master data management

About the client

DNA is a Finnish leading telecommunication company.

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