Technologies | September 5, 2019

PWA – the Front-End revolution

In recent years, e-commerce has been gathering pace. In 2019 the ecommerce market will generate 50 billion PLN in trade turnover, which constitutes about 10% of the entire trade sector. This trend has its origins in generational change, followed by the development of mobile technologies. New legal regulations are also important here, such astrade bans on Sundays. One of the factors which causes us to cease visiting shops is convenience – thanks to user-friendly aspects, we make purchasing decisions easier and faster. Due to this tendency, an increasing number of e-commerce businesses are using Progressive Web Applications (PWA) for their business websites.


PWA means: simplicity, comfort and action

PWA is nothing more than a version of a web page functioning just like a mobile application on a smartphone.

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There are a couple of guidelines that PWA must meet.

  • HTTPS: the application uses encrypted protocol, thanks to which we can display pages, use forms and download files. Encryption prevents the capture of and changes to the data that is being sent.
  • Front-End of the application, ensuring responsiveness. Thanks to this, the application adjusts its appearance depending on the device.
  • Offline regardless of access to the Internet, the application has some particular functionalities.
  • The application has a manihest.json file, which allows users to add shortcut icons to the start screens, analogically to mobile applications.
  • Even when using slow 3G connections, the application loads quickly.
  • High level of reactiveness to user actions, such as switching pages.

PWA are used by corporations from all over the world. Some of the leading ecommerce examples are Uber, Lyft, Starbucks and Trivago. We can also find examples of PWA implementations on the Polish market, which have resulted in better outcomes. Thanks to Progressive Web Application, OLX has 146% more advertising clicks on their web portal. What is more, the Bounce Rate (the number of people who leave the page after only a couple of seconds) decreased by 80%. This must have resulted in increased attractiveness of the portal for both users and advertisers.

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The hottest Front-End technology of recent years

PWA technology has been talked about for a number of years now, and the fact that it is promoted by Google and Microsoft results in the subject of PWA coming up during the biggest conferences. PWA has a lot to offer for businesses and users of their websites.

Firstly, Progressive Mobile Applications have comparable results with those of mobile applications when it comes to positioning. As they are Google-supported, it is possible that within a couple of years it will be possible to gain some extra ranking points here. Reliability is another feature of this technology. The script embedded in the Front-End controls the cache and shares the sources which are saved there. Thanks to this, we gain independence when it comes to Internet access.

Regardless of the quality of the connection, the application loads quickly thanks to the Service Worker mechanism. Swiftness in the functioning of the website is a key factor. According to Google, 53% of users will leave a page if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Well-developed PWA ensures good functioning and rapid reactions to commands. The attractiveness of PWA sources arises from their similarity to native applications, beloved by customers once a wide range of smartphones became available on the market.

Changing the website into PWA

The internet is full of guides on how to change one’s website to a well-functioning application. A basic knowledge of Front-End should be sufficient here (HTML + CSS + Java Script). Google provides access to an expanded service, which helps in the creation of a well-functioning PWA. We encounter issues here, however, when we own an online shop or a dedicated web service.

Obtaining the best results will be most likely when cooperating with an experienced business partner. JCommerce as the one of the Top Web Development Companies offers the services of experienced Front-End developers. The company can offer various cooperation models, including in the context of building entire Front-End and PHP teams. They provide the scalability of development process, which allows to transform all the type of web application to progressive.

The future of PWA

The possibilities created by current Front-End technologies facilitate the development of user-friendly e-commerce solutions. Progressive Web Applications mean the beginning of a revolution in terms of online shops. In the future, ponderous e-markets with glittering banners will be replaced by e-salons which are easy on the eye. Even nowadays we do our shopping more eagerly while using websites which are visually attractive; it is hard for us to imagine making e-payments via portals which resemble the unpleasant-looking creations from the ‘90s. The high quality of the products is important, yet even more important is our experience – and this is certainly what PWA can offer.

She has been working in IT outsourcing services for 6 years. In JCommerce responsible for support of Polish clients on the market in such branches as: banking, insurance, medicine, e-commerce and manufacturing. Passionate about motorization. She is also a fan of snowboarding and playing the piano.

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