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Why You Should Choose Java Development?

Programming has become an essential part of many company operations due to the ever-growing centralized nature of IT as a full-scale service. Building intelligent applications starts by choosing the right programming language dependent on the type of application you need. It could be a mobile app with a sophisticated back-end, a game, web development or even a firmware.


Which programming language will be the best for your project?

The type of programming language will depend on the exact function that you are looking to execute. Here are a few programming languages that you should consider.


This general purpose Object-Oriented Programming is useful for web application development and is becoming increasingly popular for such functions as cloud computing, data mining and some Graphical User Interface applications.


Popular with web and front-end developers, this is one of the layered web and scripting languages and allows you to create complex and interactive content on your website.


Quite popular among developers of games, embedded firmware, system applications, and drivers, it packs a great degree of abstraction across various operating systems. Is has also great support of usage low level operational system functions.


Probably the most popular programming language when it comes to development, Java is compatible with every other platform thanks to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which converts bytecode into native machine code. It is supported by the widest array of devices and OSs of any language and is efficient for app, server and back-end creation.

Java stands out because it is not only easy to learn but also because its development environment is free and applications can be tested across a wide array of OSs and applications. Through the built-in JVM located within the almost ubiquitous Java Runtime Environment (JRE on OS bins), you don’t have to invest in an expensive and unnecessary compiler. The JRE is compatible with most PCs, Macs, UNIX and Linux computers, and smartphones, meaning most types of applications are possible with Java development.

Java offers an array of advantages including:

  • Stability: Even Java code that you wrote two decades ago will still run with ease on any JVM. Thus, you don’t have to invest in expensive retooling every once in a while, but remember that sometimes it is necessary. In this case, it is worth to consider outsourcing of java development.
  • Robustness: At the core of Java is native Object-Oriented Programming, meaning your data and object classes don’t have to reference anything outside of themselves.
  • Excellent API: Java’s class library is simple enough to learn (contains only 50 keywords) but has thousands of classes and tens of thousands of methods to carry out various functions, therefore you can develop and test your ideas as you move along.

Many other software development environments and tools are themselves written in Java, which is itself an advantage. These include Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

Java for Your Back-End

With Java you can integrate both your front-end and back-end easily, and with other applications that are compatible with the JRE. Through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), you can connects your app into multiple databases at the same time, and scale the entire operation, from mobile to web and enterprise.

You may not have the technical expertise to build and deploy apps in Java yourself, and in such cases outsourcing of Java developers is always a wise alternative. Not only does it lower your overall development and testing costs, but you also have the advantage of having an expert service reducing the time spent, from conceptualization and beta testing to deployment. With a remote outsourcing team, all aspects of project management are taken care of, provided that communication with team leaders is enabled. You can focus on research documentation as the outsourced team works concurrently to bring your vision to life in the shortest time possible.

Justyna Mikolajczyk
International Account Manager

Supports and advises European companies which search for IT individuals that fit the remote-working environment and helps customers to boost their software development team’s capabilities.